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Hygiene is a primary concern for us here in TNT Tattoo Bali. As long time veterans in the industry. We understand the importance of hygiene. Not just for health and safety reasons, but also for the longevity and quality of your tattoo long term.

Equipment & Ink

Tattoo process

Our tattoo equipment is all imported, with machines and needles all coming for reputable overseas brands. For needles, we use single-use disposable cartridges. Meaning these needles are guaranteed to be fresh, and are properly disposed of once the tattooing is done.

Our ink is also imported, with brands such Dynamic, Intenze, World Famous just to name a few. These inks are internationally certified and are certified for hygiene.

The tattooing process is kept hygienic,with all surfaces covered and cleaned regularly to ensure no cross-contamination happens. Our artists and staff wear gloves when interacting with tattoos. We also have nitrile gloves in case of any individuals with Latex Allergies.

We keep our studio and tattoo environments clean, ensuring that the tattoo process is hygenic throughout.


For post tattooing, we have instructions for how to care for your tattoo:

Take off the wrap from your tattoo after an hour, three hours latest. Be sure to rinse your tattoo thoroughly with lukewarm water. Avoid rubbing soap directly into the tattoo (unless it's tattoo specific soap). Then pat dry and leave it for the next 1-2 days.

After 1-2 days, you can stay applying aftercare products. Be sure to apply a thin layer of the product to the tattoo. It should look thin and glossy, nothing more. If overdone, you can pat away the excess with tissues. Apply the aftercare twice a day, about 15 minutes after showering.

Keep using the aftercare for the next two weeks, during this time your tattoo will be peeling it's scabs. Do not pick away or scratch your tattoo! This can damage your tattoo and prolong the healing process. If it gets too itchy, you can just lightly tap your tattoo to alleviate itchiness. Although make sure your hands are clean whenever touching your tattoo.

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